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At CSL Behring, Corporate Responsibility is about conducting our business ethically and contributing to the economic, social and environmental well-being of our communities. We believe that behaving responsibly is critical to the sustainability of our company.

As a specialist biopharmaceutical company, our greatest opportunity to contribute to society is through the development of new protein-based medicines for serious unmet medical needs and through the continued supply of life-saving vaccines and plasma therapies.

Along with this opportunity comes the responsibility of ensuring our medicines are safe and of the highest quality, and are developed and marketed in an ethical manner. We also work with others to help improve equity of access to vaccines and plasma therapies.

Many people who use our medicines have rare and life-threatening conditions that present ongoing challenges for them and their families. Helping our patient communities by funding research, awareness, education and advocacy is a critical part of our corporate responsibility.

Our people are the greatest enablers of our corporate aspirations. We aim to provide a positive working environment for all our employees through professional development, equal opportunity, reward and recognition, community involvement and the promotion of health and safety.

With global operations, we recognize our role in responding to humanitarian emergencies around the world, from pandemics to earthquakes to bushfires. We also have a significant presence in many small communities where we contribute to local sustainable development.

Finally, we take the threat of global climate change seriously and appreciate the importance of assessing related business risks and opportunities. We also continue to be committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.

Our approach to and performance in each of these key areas of responsibility is set out in our Corporate Responsibility Report. The development of our report was overseen by CSL’s Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee and informed by the interests of our stakeholders.

We are proud of our many achievements but recognize there is always opportunity for improvement. We look forward to you feedback.
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